Adding <?php wp_footer(); ?> tag to your theme footer.php file

In order for the WP Bounce to function properly your theme footer.php must have this tag:
<?php wp_footer(); ?>

This tag is very important for the wordpress site. All themes must have it in their footer.php just before the closing </body> tag or else it breaks many plugins.

How To Fix

  1. In your wordpress admin panel go to Appearance -> Editor and click on footer.php in the list of files on the right.
  2. Find </body> tag and right before it copy and paste this:
    <?php wp_footer();  ?>


Note: Backup your files before making this change. If you have any firewall plugins disable them before making changes.


If you would like to learn why it is important to have <?php wp_footer(); ?> tag in your theme check function reference here.

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