Common Support Questions

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Common Support Questions

In order for the WP Bounce to function properly your theme footer.php must have this tag:
<?php wp_footer(); ?>

This tag is very important for the wordpress site. All themes must have it in their footer.php just before the closing </body> tag or else it breaks many plugins.

How To Fix

  1. In your wordpress admin panel go to Appearance -> Editor and click on footer.php in the list of files on the right.
  2. Find </body> tag and right before it copy and paste this:
    <?php wp_footer();  ?>


Note: Backup your files before making this change. If you have any firewall plugins disable them before making changes.


If you would like to learn why it is important to have <?php wp_footer(); ?> tag in your theme check function reference here.

If you're using Wordpress Firewall 2 you might experience issues with installing or updating WP Bounce.

Unfortunately WP Firewall 2 is not a stable plugin and it's poorly supported by its developer. A lot of people are having issues when using it with other plugins just look at this forum.

To prevent WP Firewall 2 blocking WP Bounce you can try the following:

Under Settings -> Firewall look for box titled Whitelisted Pages.
Under Form Variable enter


and hit "Set Whitelisted Pages". Please check this screenshot below.



while being logged in simply go to the url:
(change to your actual domain)

First thing to check would be the fallback country settings under Advanced tab in Misc. box where it says "If country not supported then show:"
Set this to the country you get the most visitors from like US or UK (you must have either Amazon Associate Tag in Amazon settings for that country or have that country enabled in ePN settings).

This option was added in version 1.5.4 and if you are located in a non-Amazon country (or don't have associate tag for your country) and have this setting set to 'Nothing' then you will not be able to see pop ups in the preview.