[WP Plugin] New Legal Requirements + Fix Your Sites

New legal requirements called GDPR are about
to roll out and all sites have to become
compliant by May 25th.

Here’s a quick way to get your sites covered:

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With the help of a WordPress plugin called
WP GDPR Fix you’ll be able to fully protect
yourself from legal troubles by making your
sites 100% GDPR compliant in less than 5 minutes.

What Is GDPR & Why Should I Care?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation
and it’s a set of new data protection and privacy
rules passed by EU lawmakers.

But don’t get too comfortable thinking that it
doesn’t apply to you. If your site gets even a
single visitor from 1 of the EU countries and
the site doesn’t have all the necessary notices,
you may get fined.


Earlier I sent out my review where you’ll
find a video walk-through inside the software
showing all the features and different ways to
protect your sites. Also, you’ll find my list
of bonuses. See the review here:

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Get a peace of mind knowing that all your
sites are 100% compliant with these new
regulations. See more details and get your
copy of WP GDPR Fix plugin here:

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Unlimited Cloud Storage For Backups, Photos etc

If you’d like to get Unlimited Online
Cloud Storage powered by Google,
check this out:

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There’s a special type of Google Drive
accounts reserved for a small number
of customers.

You can use this account to:

– Store unlimited photos
– Store & share unlimited files
– Keep all your site backups
– Store unlimited VIDEOS & music
– Share unlimited files just like Dropbox.

The best part : No monthly fees & no yearly
fees at all!


In addition to unlimited cloud storage
you’ll also be getting one of my plugins
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This is the best kind of cloud storage you
can get. See more details and get your
Unlimited Cloud Storage account here:

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[Affiliates] New Chrome Changes And How To Prepare Your Sites

There’s an annoying little change that came
out in Chrome browsers recently.

Chrome started showing warning labels to
visitors on pages that ask for passwords
and/or credit card info.

If you want to fix that without having to pay for
expensive SSL certificate each year, check this:

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This Chrome update is actually a part of a long-
term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure.
Here’s the announcement for more details.

What Is Cloud Defender?

Cloud Defender is a powerful protection
system that includes 4 plugins and tutorials
that help you enable SSL certificate for free
AND even protect your sites or your clients’
sites from DDoS attacks.

It will also speed up your site load times,
meaning an overnight boost in conversions,
as well as increasing your SEO score with
faster page time loads.


Get your copy of Cloud Defender using my
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See more details and get your copy of
Cloud Defender here:

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[Software] Turn Any Webpage Into A Cool Video

If you want to be able to simply paste
any webpage URL and turn its contents
into a money-making video, check this:

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WebbyVid is a cloud-based software that
allows you to automatically turn any webpage
(or an article) into a full-blown video!

You can create high-quality videos for any
keyword and in any niche on a complete autopilot.


Earlier I sent out my review where you can
take a sneak peek at all its features, check
out example video created by the software
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This is literally the easiest way to create videos
and because they rank so well in Google,
WebbyVid is a must-have for all marketers.

See more details and get it here:

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[Software] Manage All Your WP Sites From 1 Dashboard

If you want to save time and manage
your sites faster, check this out:

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WP Suite is a web-based software that
allows you to manage all of your WP
sites from a single dashboard.

With WP Suite you can:

– Install Plugins & Themes
– Manage Users & Content / Posts & Pages
– Manage Media – Images & Videos
– Change WordPress Settings & Update Software
– Manage Categories & Tags
– and many other tedious tasks that you have to do every day


Earlier I sent out my review with
video walk-through inside WP Suite
features and my 13 plugins bonus.
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Ready to save time and manage all your
WordPress sites from one place?
See more details and grab WP Suite here:

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[WP Theme] Build Cool-Looking Profitable Amazon Stores

If you need a cool-looking WP theme
that can build money-making Amazon
affiliate sites, check this out:

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Azonity theme allows you to build
slick sites earning Amazon commission
on autopilot with affiliate products.

Here’s what you get inside:

– Built-in Amazon products importer (post 100+ Amazon products in 1-click)
– Built-in review rating system
– Works with 9 top Amazon countries: US, CA, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, JP and CN
– Great-looking responsive design & mobile-friendly layout
– Use unlimited color schemes
– Coded to deliver fastest site loading possible + SEO optimized
– PLUS much more!


This is just one example of what kind of sites
you’ll be able to build with Azonity theme:

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Get Azonity theme using my link in this email
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Ready to build your new Amazon affiliate
site using a WP theme that has everything
you need? See more details and pick up
your copy of Azonity theme here:

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[Software] Get FREE Traffic From 21+ Social Networks

If you’d like an easy traffic boost to your
affiliate sites, check out this software:

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SyndLab is a brand new software that
allows you to automatically post your
content across 21+ social networks and
get FAST page 1 Rankings for both your
videos and niche sites.

It also allows you to use this platform
as a content distribution and management
platform since you’ll be able to syndicate
your content across all your networks
at the push of a button.


Earlier I sent out a review with a
video walk-through inside the software
and my 13 plugins bonus. See it here:

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Ready for an easy traffic boost?
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[Software] 7-in-1 Software Pack: YouTube + Google & more

Getting free traffic to your affiliate
sites can be easy when you have the right
tools. Like this 7-in-1 software pack:

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Traffic Titan is a bundle of SIX software
tools + 1 extra WP plugin that allow you
to use Google & YouTube for free traffic
and easy Amazon, Clickbank or JVZoo commission.

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

– Keyword Titan – keyword research tool for finding low-competition, buyers keywords on both Google & YouTube
– Titan WP theme – Google-optimized WordPress theme – custom-built to suck in free traffic and monetize like crazy
– Niche Money – database of 1,000s of buyer keywords for 100+ of the top affiliate & ecommerce niches
– Website2Image – generate image slides for the top 100 JVZoo & ClickBank affiliate programs, then import them into…
– Image2Video – creates FAST videos to rank on YouTube (or for any purpose). The fastest video creation tool ever!
– Domainaveli – Domain Name Research Tool which runs over 100 searches in 1 click to find the best exact-match names
– BONUS: One of my Premium WP Plugins from www.PluginsByIgor.com – your choice!
To claim this bonus, just reply with your PayPal receipt.
– PLUS: you’ll get a complete training on choosing affiliate programs, getting traffic from Google and YouTube.

It includes PDFs, videos, and much more…

See more details and get Traffic Titan here:

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[Software] Awesome Non-WP Drag-and-Drop Site Builder

If you need to build a site but
don’t want to mess with WordPress
installation and plugins, check this:

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Site Ignitrr is a software that allows
you to build fully optimized web pages
and complete sites without WordPress.

Here’s what you’ll get:

– Drag-and-drop editor with live preview
– Over 30 templates and themes to choose from
– Built-in graphics editor – create any site graphics without Photoshop
– Unlimited sites license
– Build fast loading & Google optimized sites


Pick up Site Ignitrr using my link in
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Ready to build your next site faster
without any technical setup?
Get Site Ignitrr here:

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[WP Plugin] Build Profitable Stores W/ Top 7 Affiliate Programs

There are a lot of different store builders
out there but none of them support this many
affiliate networks like Multistore Builder:

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Multistore Builder is a WordPress plugin
that allows you to build profitable affiliate
stores with products from 7 different affiliate
networks including Amazon, eBay, Walmart,
Bestbuy, Shopify, Alibaba, and Envato.


Earlier I sent out my detailed review
with links to 2 live demo stores, video
demo, screenshots, bonuses & more.

See my review here:

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Ready to build your new site using top 7
affiliate networks?

Get Multistore Builder here:

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