Skip Words In Keywords

To get the best relevancy it is recommended to exclude some “garbage” words.

Example: keyword nikon camera will return better results than keyword cheap nikon camera review

You can enter any word or words combination here. It will strip the word in any position of the keyword text. For example if you enter word review the plugin will remove that word from any keyword containing it:
cheap nikon camera review will turn into cheap nikon camera,
review nikon camera cheap
turns to nikon camera cheap
nikon camera review cheap becomes nikon camera cheap 

If you want to exclude the whole word or phrase from being used as keyword (exact match) put them in double quotes: “keyword to exclude”

To exclude partial text string use * (star sign) on either side of the text string. For example to strip the word mutli from the beginning of a keyword enter: multi* 


Keywords are not case sensitive. Keyword will remove Keyword, keyword, KEYWORD, KeyWord etc.

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